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MaMITs Tv/Brand/Apps Promotion Ads Video in India,M.p,Bhopal

MaMITs is a Multi-screen video advertising technology company that is defining the next generation of Tv & Apps promotion video. As viewing audiences continue to fragment across screens, content types, and different consumer electronic platforms it becomes increasingly hard for a brand to reach their desired audience MaMITs.


MaMITs platform and services simplify the complexity of this fragmentation using embedded software and data sciences. We embed software (our audience-aware MaMITs SDK) in applications, video players, and consumer electronics allowing a once video ad creative to run seamlessly across all screens while also collecting data about the audience and context where the ad ran. That data powers our placement quality index (PQI) that finds the best placement to drive attention and campaign performance. We also collect first-party data via our SDKs that enables our data science engine to produce the next generation of digital brand advertising targeting—finding brand receptive audience segments who are most likely to respond to your brand msg

We believe that dramatic shifts in consumer viewing behavior are heralding a new era for digital brand advertising.